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 Post subject: Purple Rain - Not the Prince song, but close...
PostPosted: November 27th, 2011, 9:26 pm 

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I developed this fly for dirty water redfishing after having a lot of success on the black and purple ep minnow. I wanted something that had a good eye on it, was dark, and indestructable. So far it fits the bill..... here it is....

hook: mustad 34007 #2
thread: clear mono
tail: purple died rooster neck
flash: dark flashabou
collar: purple schlappen
eyes: jurassic dome eyes (red/black)
weed guard: mason hard mono 16#
head: 5 minute z-poxy
other: tuffleye or clear cure for eye setting

1. Start thread just forward of hook point, wrap back to halfway between hook point and barb
2. Pull two neck hackles of similar width from both sides of neck
3. Trim feathers about 2 hook shanks in length
4. Place hackles together so they are bending towards one another , this will create a flat tail.
5. Tie in hackles on top of the shank, making sure they stay together and run in line with the hook shank. They have a tendency to want to roll here, so dont apply too much tension on the thread.
6. Tie in a few strands of dark flash material on either side of the tail. I like to use the foldover method.
7. Select a schlappen feather with a wide webby base, and tie in on top of the shank.
8. Advance the thread forward to about 1/4 shank, then palmer schlappen forward and tie off.
9. Whip finish and cut off.
10. Eye Placement: place a 3/16" Jurassic 3D dome eye on each side. Note: the adhesive back on most dome eyes tends to not have much holding power, and the eyes like to roll when epoxy is applied. To fix this problem I use tuffleye to set the eyes before epoxy...
not much is needed, just enough to cover the thread.
This material will hold the eyes well enough to situate them evenly, then you can hit it with the light to set.
I like to place the eyes half on the collar, half on thread wraps...
11. Once the eyes are set, mix up a small batch of 5-minute epoxy, and allow it to set for 30 seconds or so to thicken up. Use the bodkin to place a small drop between the eyes on the top and bottom of the fly,
now spread the epoxy over the eye surface, and just onto the collar. This will give you a nice rounded head when you start turning, and it will protect the eyes from coming off.
12. Turn the fly in the rotary vise or put on the fly turner. The objective here is to keep the epoxy from sagging while it cures, and to create the most uniform head possible.
Finished fly:
I like to add a weed guard since this fly rides hook point down and I fish alot of structure...

This fly is a fish catching machine, hope you guys enjoy....


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 Post subject: Re: Purple Rain - Not the Prince song, but close...
PostPosted: November 28th, 2011, 4:33 pm 
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Thanks Ryan! Well done tying steps!


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